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Jaipur sightseeing places are very beautiful and incredible when tourists come to Rajasthan tour then they should watch these places. It is known as pink city and also for its “Rajwada Nature” the crown of Rajasthan built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in eighteenth century. It is the largest city and capital of Rajasthan.

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II

The kingdom of amber was ruled by Sawai Jai Singh II.  Amber is the capital of Kachahavas was his birth location. On December 31, 1699, amber saw him become a king when he was only 11 due to his father’s death.   He was awarded with the title of saramad-i-raja-i-hind by the Mughal emperor Muhammad shah on 21 April 1721. He was then called raj rajeshwar by the emperor on 2 june 1723. On the occasion he was also called raja dhiraj and Maharaja Sawai. The meaning of sawai is a one and quater time greater than his rivals, and this title is even today used by his descendants. Mathematics, architect, and astrology fascinated him greatly.


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Jaipur tourist places has been added in the India’s most famous sightseeing spots. Recently it has been added in India’s Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra. It is famous for its colorful culture, history, traditions, festivals, sweets, handicrafts items, sanganeri printed clothes and other local particulars which you can’t see anywhere in the world.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

History of Pink City
Rajasthan is the land of kings. Since last decades of 16th century it has a history or brave Rajput Kings and their courageous queens. It has hundreds of forts, Mahals (King’s Palaces), royal memorials, temples, religious and such others spots. It is also one from these cities having a rich heritage of 400 years old traditions, cultures and one of the best spots to be visited in the world. It is known for its various forts, gardens and ancient Indian architectural designs.

jaipur tourism

Jaipur tourism

It is known as the world’s first planned city in last 500 years of world history. It is the best example of Indian architecture and astrological city planning. Amer’s Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II (1693-1744) founded it in eighteenth century. He was a great warrior, scholar and astronomer. He had interest in various arts, architecture, astronomy, astrology and other ancient Hindu sciences. He belongs to lineage of Kucchwaha Rajput. He was a courter in Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Besides it, It  has one more quality that it is the safest place for tourist as holds a great history of peaceful environment. No war was fought on its land neither in Mughal Empire nor during British regime. Even on today it is assumed as one of the most safe tourist site.

Maharaja Sawari Jai Singh chooses Pink color for beautiful city. He ordered all citizens to paint their buildings, home and temples in pink colors that are why it is known as Pink City. During 19th century It started to extend outside of the city walls. Now It has ten times larger than 1947’s pink city including an excellent fusion of old and modern architecture.

Local Conveyance
Local conveyance is so good that you can’t amaze. You can travel in local city easily as It has the world’s best local conveyance facilities equipped with local buses, RTDC buses, auto rickshaw, rickshaws, taxi, cars and motor cycles too. It is you who will choose. There are wonderful connectivity from one point to another point, so have an enjoy of local sightseeing.

Tourist Spots of Pink City

Amber Fort JaipurAmber Fort:

Amer was the capital of founder Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. Later he planned another beautiful city and established Jaipur as world’s first pre-planned and well structured city.

Jaigarh Fort JaipurJaigarh Fort:

World’s first and last fort which could not conquered till today from its establishment. Currently it is a tourist site and you can have a good view of the whole city including local hills, Mansagar lake, city and forests.

Nahargarh Fort JaipurNahargarh Fort:

another wonderful place to visit. Like Jaigarh Fort it is also situated on hills and you can view city.

City Palace JaipurCity Palace:

City Palace is a living monument blend of traditional Rajput and Mughal architecture. It is King’s house since its foundation. Today it has renovate as a museum of historical details, culture and Traditions which you can see yourself.

Pink City Monuments

Jantar MantarJantar Mantar:

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh was keen into astronomy. He built five different astronomical observatory in India’s various sites, It was also one of them. It was first biggest observatory before 20th century.

 Hawa Mahal jaipurHawa Mahal:

Palace for queens. Its beauty can’t be written or tell in words. It is an experience to feel yourself.

ishar lat jaipurIshwar Lat (aka Sarga Suli):

It was created to watch the whole city in emergency.

Gaitore jaipurGaitore (or Gatore) :

It was royal cremation site for the royal clan of Pink city and Amer.

Sisodia Rani GardenSisodia Rani Garden:

The beautiful palace of Rajput Queen(Sisodia Rani Garden) where they used to spend their time with other ladies of royal clan.

Jal MahalJal Mahal:

It was the only lake that provided water for Amber for 200 years. Now it has been developed by the Government and tourist can view beautiful evening with boat riding. You can see the Aravalli mountain hills, dotted with ancient forts and temples, the other side, heritage city. It is a very famous romantic place. Also, read about top most places of Jaipur sightseeing tour.

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               Monuments Timings and Entry Fee                                                        

Name of Monuments Telephone Number Duration of Opening Entry Fee
Indian Foreign
Amber Fort 2530293 8.30 A.M.- 6.00 P.M 20 Rs 100 Rs
City Palace 2608055 10.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. 75 Rs 300 Rs
Jantar Mantar 2610494 9.00 A.M.- 4.30 P.M. 10 Rs 50 Rs
Albert Hall 2570099 9.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. 20 Rs 50 Rs
Hawa Mahal 2618862 9.00 A.M.- 4.30 P.M. 20 Rs 50 Rs
Jaigarh Fort 2671848 9.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. 25 Rs City palace Ticket
Nahargarh Fort 5148044 9.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. 10 Rs 50 Rs
Gaitor 9.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. 10 Rs 50 Rs
Sarga Suli 9.00 A.M.- 5.00 P.M. 5 Rs 50 Rs
Chokhi Dhani 6.00 P.M.- 11.00 P.M. 650 Rs 650 Rs

Animals Riding Spots

Riding Riding Place Riding Charges
1. Camel Jal Mahal 150 Rs.
2. Elephant Amber Fort 1100 Rs.
3. Horse Albert Museum 50 Rs.
4. Kalbalia Dance Chokhi Dhani 10 Rs.


Jaipur Sightseeing by Car and Bus

When tourists come to visit the Jaipur city, then they demand car or bus so here we tell you the approx cost of all the vehicles.

Cost for 1 Day Jaipur Sightseeing Tour
Vehicle Name Total Amount in Rupees Total Members
Tata Indica 1200/- 4
Sedan Car 1500/- 4
Chevrolet Tavera 1800/- 8
Mahindra Xylo 1800/- 6 or 7
Toyota Innova 2000/- 6 or 7
Tempo Traveller 3500/- 14
Cost for 2 Days Jaipur Sightseeing Tour
Vehicle Name Total Amount in Rupees Total Members
Tata Indica 2400/- 4
Tata Indigo 3000/- 4
Chevrolet Tavera 3600/- 8
Mahindra Xylo 3600/- 6 or 7
Toyota Innova 4000/- 6 or 7
Tempo Traveller 6500/- 14
Note – Include Toll Tax, Parking, Pick up and Drop.

Yoga, Meditation and other Health Resorts

It is known as city of ancient Indian spiritual practices like Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Sanskrit learning, Mantra etc. It is also a witness of Hollywood celebrities city visiting to learn yoga and meditations basics. Some of good name are Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Brittany Spears and so on.

Local Food Destinations

Vegetarian Food

Chokhi Dhani jaipurChokhi Dhani: A perfect place for Rajasthani cuisine. It is famous for food serving with local traditions as you will get here waiters in rajasthani dreses with turban as well as you can enjoy local things like maze, kathputli (puppet) show, camel riding, horse riding, fruit raita, Dal Choorma Bati, Kari. It is perfect place for vegetarian peoples. Entry Charges only 650 Rs. for Indian and Foreigner.

Rawat Mishthan Bandar: Famous for Onion Kachori and Mawa Kachori, Samosa and sweets.

Kanji Sweet Bhandar: Like Rawat Mishtan Bhandar you will get superb tasty sweets.

Om Towers: Rajasthan’s first revolving tower where you can enjoy pure vegetarian food even you can stay there as it s a five-star hotel-cum-restaurant.

LMB: Another jewel in city food spot and famous for local sweet Ghewar and vegetarian Rajasthani food.

Famous Hotels

1. Raj Rambagh Palace Hotel: Located in City’s heart a former palace and a seven star staying place. You can find a room starting from Rs 22,500 to 130,000.

2. Oberoi Raj Vilas Palace Hotel: Situated on Goner Road. A perfect five-star place to stay here starting from Rs 22,500 to Rs.130,000.

3. Hotel Jai Maa Palace : A cheap but superb quality staying place.

4. Nirvana palace : A Heritage Look Hotel.

5. Vinner Point : A Affordable with full facility Hotel.

Our Company Shree Jamuwai Tours and Travels provides budget hotel service in Pink city. If you book your hotel through our company then you will get discount. Our company provides free pick up and dropping  service like railway station to Hotel, Bus Stand to Hotel etc. Our contact number is 09799136039.

Other Attractions

  • Central Museum (Albert Hall)
  • Birla Planetarium
  • Dolls Museum
  • Traditional Puppet Show
  • Traditional Jewelry and Gem Stone arts
  • Stone sculpture
mahendra singh

Mahendra Singh

Welcome at Pink City! We from Shree Jamuwai Mata Tours and Travels & Kabira Tours provide reliable and quality services to respected guests of Paris of India. You can contact us to get rental car/ taxi, professional guides, handicraft items and hotel bookings services as well as Rajasthan and Jaipur tourism guides. Our service greets you at your doorstep, airport, train station, hotel or home and accompanies till departure like good friends..

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  1. Abhishek Jain says:

    Pink City is becoming very popular among tourist. The prime attractions of Pink City tour are Glorious forts, graceful palaces and marvelous Havelis. It’s a privilege to watch all this.

  2. Luanna says:

    This blog actually makes you feel like you have already been to Jaipur. It’s amazing how the writer has been able to mix up the write ups and the photographs to create a more than awesome blog. I love it. The first photograph of the monument is simply adorable, not to mention the following pieces of art. The forts, the palaces, the description of the cuisine itself is salivating. What a place?

  3. Rohit Jain says:

    Hello I am Rohit Jain and I want to tell you that Mahendra is not only a good tour operator but also he is a honest man. During my tour, I left my shopping bag in him Car. I reached on Jaipur Airport then I did not find my bag, I was unhappy but after sometime I see that Mahendra Singh brought my bag on airport. I am very thankful to him. Really it is a good honest man.

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    Mahendra Singh…. you are a superb tour operator of pink city.

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