Rainy Pink City in Summer

While everything is uncertain, weather is also following the trend in Jaipur. Recently Jaipurites began to feel summery season in rising mercury with 40 degree Celsius but rain changed all the equations. Of course Jaipur is not a good tourist place in May to July but rainy Jaipur is more beautiful than ever. You can see green plants bathed in new water as well as cleaned building in rain.

Fort of Nahargarh

Main Entry Gate of Nahargarh Fort Jaipur

One minutes, there is no hot, no cold, it’s like spring season where you can live with fans only without switching on cooler or AC in night. Even food choices are also changed. In a second you want to eat ice cream another moment you like to taste hot samosas, thanks to watery clouds to make awesome environment. It looks more pleasant when you visit Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort where you can view the whole city with naked eyes as well as the ‘Sun Rise’ and ‘Sun Set’.

It’s perfect time to enjoy something like Amazon’s jungle where you can enjoy three different weather everyday so let’s make a jungle party in heritage city.


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