Let’s celebrate Lord Krishna’s Birthday Janmashtmi in Jaipur

Janmashtami 2012

Janmashtami 2012

Welcome in Janmasthmi celebrations at Jaipur. Today is Janmashtami, birthday of Lord Krishna, giver of the holy book SriMadBhagwad Gita to lead a pious life. He is also remembered for his idealistic characters to support Dharma in Dwapar Yuga through Pandavas especially his best friend and devote Arjuna.

Today Jaipur is sunk in enjoy to cheer the birthday of Lord Krishna, who appeared on the earth before 5,000 years to save humanity. He is well known for his flute playing, spirituality, inspirational stories and motivational Gita, a true guide towards a content holy life. So let’s do some kirtan at home, eat sweets, fruits and of course Makhan too and wish a very very ‘Happy Janmashtmi’ to all.


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