Top Beautiful Places of the World

Traveling Places of the World

Top Beautiful Places of the World

Guanajuato Mexico: It is considered to be the best Srvetino Festival and many participants attend art festival of the world. Guanjuto keeps special identity in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bo Coop, Cape Town, South Africa: When you visit this place you would seem that you have come here before. Every street and every house looks like a same. This is wonderful place.

Burano, Venice, Italy: If you are planning to Burano note it excludes certain look. It is also mentioned as the most beautiful island. When you visit it, definitely you will take several pictures.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina: This is known as the birthplace of tango. Its shipyard and walkvya is quite famous. Where tango dancers and rock artists perform, this scene really amazing. The town was made by many small pieces. La Boca houses are very unique colors. It is said that this place is the heart bit of Europe.

Keukenhof lisse Netherlands: It is the place of nature; everywhere you can see beauty and 100% beauty. There are many outstanding flowers gardens.

Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan is the heart of Osaka nightlife. The theater, restaurants, cafes and night clubs is fantastic and very unque.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India: It is the place of pure Indian culture where people follow the tradition. You should visit this place, once in your life.

Willemstad Curacao Caribbean: It is a famous Caribbean beach. People feel amazing look when they spend some days at there.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: It is the top attraction place of Brazil.

San Francisco, California, USA: We cannot explain this place in words.


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