Fairs and Festivals

festivals of jaipur

festivals of Jaipur

You can count total days of a year but nobody can count total number of fair and festivals in the Rajput City of Jaipur. Jaipur is enjoying approx. 280 years traditions of fairs and festivals. Festivals are a part of routine Jaipur life. Jaipur has a vast blending of different religions, casts, and societies, all are bounding with a many threads of happiness, enjoyment and celebration through these fairs & festivals.

Every year Jaipur celebrate over 100 major festivals in a year but some most notable festivals are Makar Sakranti (Kites Festival), Holi, Teej, Gangaur, Sawan Mahotsav, Dashhara, Diwali, etc. These fairs & festivals are life line of Jaipur’s social life and motivates everybody to get inner peace, satisfaction, prosperity with a thought of sharing with other member of society regardless their status, profession, religion or something else.


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